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Norma Tahhan Soft Pastel on paper - SOLD Norma Tahhan

Norma Tahhan was born in Australia in 1961 and has an extensive knowledge of drawing and painting, acquired in various Universities and Colleges. She has undertaken many travels within Australia and abroad for artistic research and this is reflected in her many art works. After numerous exhibitions, including Solo Exhibitions at The Seymour Theatre Centre, Star City, The New England Regional Art Museum and Customs House, it is clear that Tahhan’s artistic practice is dedicated, professional and consistent. Her work has been represented in numerous Private and Corporate Collections throughout Australia, USA, Lebanon and New Zealand. Tahhan’s work has been featured in many newspapers and publications including the Daily Telegraph, Black & White and on television. Norma Tahhan’s personal experience and her love for life materialise in the powerful and dynamic images she creates. Her paintings and drawings are rich and reflect the intensity of her personal experience. Her works are spontaneous and direct. Her initial idea soon unravels to reveal a work embedded in reality. “Reality becomes abstract and abstract becomes reality.” Norma Tahhan totally immerses herself in the creative process, each work becoming an extension of her being. “ My artworks are created through my blood stream – the pulse of my life. I call for the viewer to become a part of this experience.”
Jane Gascoigne Jane Gascoigne

Jane Gascoigne is a local artist who lives in Lewisham, Sydney. She has been a visual arts teacher in Australia and New Zealand for 35 years including 10 years as a subject coordinator. Her last Visual Arts teaching position was at Emmaus Catholic College, Kemps Creek. She exhibited paintings in various group shows in Wellington, New Zealand. Retired for the past two years she now paints full time. Her living room is her studio. Jane’s original art training was a general course at Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, next she completed a three-year teacher-training course majoring in painting and ceramics at James Graham College, Leeds University in England. A Batchelor of Education degree followed later from Kelvin Grove TAFE in Brisbane. Jane recently exhibited her paintings in Leichhardt Library. The show was called ‘Celebration’ and this reflected her joy at having her first solo exhibition and finally being a full-time painter. The inspiration for her current paintings comes from the written word and the shapes of the letters. As the words are painted and layered they gradually disappear and the resulting colours, rhythms, movement and shapes become the subject of the work. Her paintings also reflect the urban landscape hinting at maps and buildings.
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Reeds Robert Berry

ROBERT BERRY obtained a degree in Fine Art in Melbourne during the 70s under the tutelage of artists such as Victor Matzner, Geoff La Gerche, John Davis and Ian Armstrong. After traveling throughout Australia he spent several years teaching in Victoria before moving to Hervey Bay in Queensland to begin work as a professional artist. Berry’s art presents to us a new and exciting way of seeing landscape within the genre of contemporary realist painting. He derives his inspiration from the surrounding landscape environment, concentrating on the objective structure of form while aiming to capture the subjective or aesthetic essence of a given subject. In the belief that defining notional reality is a necessity in order to express an objects true inner nature, his works emphasise the special relationship between form and drawn movement in paint, showing structure within compositional patterns, such as grids of diagonals and verticals. His paintings are confrontational and life-size where possible. Their cubist emphasis on fluid and fluctuating space promotes a different pictorial experience with the use of both flat and oblique picture plains. Berry has exhibited widely through Victoria and Queensland, being represented by the Verlie Just Town Gallery in Brisbane for many years and regularly invited to exhibit in the Brisbane Tattersall’s Art Prize. He has had many solo exhibitions. In 2003-2004 his collection of works entitled On the Edge became the first inaugural touring exhibition for Hervey Bay Regional Gallery, traveling throughout Queensland and New South Wales. In 2005 Berry embarked on a collaboration with the Queensland Orchestra. In 2006, a large work (80 x 400 cm) was commissioned for the boardroom of the Brisbane-based company, Hyne Timber. His last solo exhibition, On the Edge II was held in early 2007. As Director of the ‘Windemere Road Studio School’ he offers weekly life-drawing and painting classes to a variety of student artists, and when required, is a curator and judge for art shows and festivals throughout the region. His works are held in private collections in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, New Zealand, Japan, and the US, including Oregon, Arizona, New York and Idaho.
Abstract Eleanor Saad

E Saad
Eleanor Saad was born in Croydon, NSW. She is a self taught artist, who is fascinated with the intricate detail of everyday objects and forms. She learnt the basics of visual arts in her schooling years. However, her skills and ideas blossomed during the late hours of the night when most people sleep. Art was always her passion and very quickly became an obsession. As her artistic skill developed, she learnt patience and as her patience grew, her skills became refined and it was the delicate art of the felt tip pen which most captivated her interest and formed the basis of her body of works. Her works are intoxicating to the heart, soul, mind and spirit and addictive to the eyes. Eleanor says in her own words “Looking for change, hope and inner vision, I dream in black and white.” Her works are incredibly detailed drawings in black and white which encompass a wide variety of subject matter from still life, to the human form, to the world of abstraction and completed totally in black felt tip pen. Influenced by Arabic culture, she found inspiration in the works of Gustav Klimt, Iain Mcarthur, Jacek Yerka and Otto Bjornik. Eleanor’s works in this exhibition show her diversity of subject matter and his unique application of media. Her works are very much grounded in her reality and are usually a blend of nature and the figure.
Pelican Russell Workman

Russell Workman has been a photographer for many years, first employed by the navy and later a tertiary institution, photographing everything from medical procedures to overseas archaeology excavations for research and academic publication. Most recently he has been free-lancing a variety of photographic subjects including heritage and archaeology. Russell also teaches photography at TAFE. This exhibition shows Workman's desire to exhibit his recent images of everyday objects and scenes, sometimes skewed different ways. His photographs are truely beautiful in their detail and composition.
Playtime Val Kemsley

Val is a versatile artist enjoying a variety of mediums and subjects. As well as undertaking formal training she has studied with many recognized Australian artists. Her experience in art spans over 25 years. Exploring the full gambit of techniques and mediums from oils, acrylics and onto watercolour, inks and finally evolving to mixed media. Through perseverance and experimentation she has developed a unique style easily recognizable as her own. A committed full time artist since 1991, holding many successful exhibitions and appearing in the Australian Artist Magazine, Master ARTISTS Showcase and featuring in the Artists Palette in 2006 and 2007. Val has been a tutor at Charles Sturt University Mitchell School of Arts – Bathurst for the last 12 years for both summer and winter schools. She has also tutored for the Combined Art Societies Art in Action, Kurrajong. Grafton Arts Fest, Grafton. Her generosity of imparting her extensive knowledge has built a strong student following. Val holds workshops and term classes in Sydney and Country areas. She exhibits widely as well as undertaking private commissions. Her works are held in private and corporate collections both in Australia and Overseas.
Samir Youssef - Distant Range Samir Youssef

Samir was born in Cairo, Egypt. Settled in Sydney in 1968, after completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Cairo. He worked as a graphic artist for seven years and was granted a scholarship to study steel engraving at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland. He pursued further art studies and traveled to Greece, Italy, Great Britain, Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany, Holland and Belgium. Samir was a teacher of visual arts for 20 years. He is a multi award winning artist achieving first prize awards for works exhibited throughout Australia.
Leeka Gruzdeff - Nygel Leeka Grudzeff

Leeka arrived in Australia in 1950 from Eastern Europe and finished her primary and secondary education in Sydney. She began her art education at East Sydney Technical College and later worked in a commercial art studio. After marrying and having a family she resumed her studies with various prominent Syndey artists. Leeka has won over 80 First Prizes in local art competitions and shows. Her portraits of Rita Hunter and Don Burrows have been accepted in the Archibald Exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. She has held 10 Solo Exhibitions and participates in many small group exhibitions regularly. Leeka conducts workshops and seminars in watercolour and mixed media and teaches pastel and mixed media at the Community College and from her studio. Leeka is a Fellow of the Royal Art Society of NSW.
George Seraphim - Heaven and Earth George Seraphim

To me art is the infinite expression of ones self; color, texture and shape all created in the moment to represent the deeper longing to know why we are the way we are. Art re-introduces me to places within myself that I have forgotten, mystique worlds and realities akin to a childlike vision. Each unfinished canvas is like a passage leading to infinite doorways, one mystery after another, a step closer to a realization of ones message to humanity. I was trained as an Industrial Designer, working on projects that involved strict guidelines and tight schedules. Within this environment, there was very little room to express ones inner self without limitations, openly and freely, which is something that is of utmost importance to me. I began to paint, and sketch late at nights, opening myself to my fullest potential, daring to dream, art became an escape for me, slowly emerging as my own personal rebellion from control. I began to feel a very strong calling to paint and write years ago, whilst working as a professional designer. I began to express my emotions towards my very deep connection to the divine, a knowing that I have always felt since I was a child, but couldn’t explain, having been born with the gift to see & hear the spirit realms. I paint in a meditative state; some would also call it a trance state. Time seems to fall away from me and I become a medium between the metaphysical and physical realms, in this trance, colour and information flow through me like a river, I frequently stop to and find myself writing down pages of spiritual information. Having worked as a meditation teacher and medium, these states have become second nature. My subject is life, God and the higher destiny of man. Images (sometimes holy) appear in my work that I cannot see immediately, but are usually pointed out to me by family or friends.
Suzanne Sommer Suzanne Sommer

Born in 1953. As a child Suzanne loved to draw and paint. She began painting seriously after studying landscape painting and real life drawing. Suzanne has won numerous awards, many of which have been first prize. Public acceptance of Suzanne' s work was immediate and far reaching. Collectors from Australia and overseas have acquired her paintings. Suzanne works in both oils and pastels and has a romantic impressionistic style and has a love for both landscape and figure paintings. She catches the light and colours of life. Suzanne feels that it is a matter of playing exactly the right note in the symphony on canvas. Not only is Suzanne Sommer one of Australia's top selling artists, for the last ten years her paintings have been amongst the most recognisable in select galleries and in east coast art exhibitions. A prolific painter, Suzanne's popularity is shared by the art fraternity and, more importantly, by the buying public. Working in acrylic, oil and pastel, Suzanne is best known for beautiful figurative work and for romantic scenes of Australian country cottages. There is no other artist who combines these subjects with such success as does Suzanne Sommer and, for this reason, Suzanne has carved out her own, very characteristic and recognisable style. Complimenting these signature paintings are many others which include Floral and Still Life, Traditional Landscape and Seascape, Cameo paintings and Miniatures to name but a few. Not content to rest, in 2004 Suzanne released her newest work which she describes as her 'contemporary style' - this has been received with great enthusiasm by a different group of art buyers including inner city consultant decorators, and collectors of modern art. To achieve a high profile, and to successfully woo so many buyers and collectors, an artist has to be a prolific painter of high quality artworks that appeal to a wide audience. This Suzanne has done for more than ten years with outstanding results. However, to be considered a successful artist, it is equally important to be recognised
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