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John Perkins - Bathurst John Perkins

John was born is Blackpool, England in 1940 and arrived in Australia 12 years later. He started working life as an apprentice sign writer and was often in the company of the artist who inspired him. John studied under renowned artist Graeme Inson and is a respected artist whose work is represented both locally and overseas. Having tutored for over 30 years, he currently teaches at the Combined Art Society of Sydney's "Art in Action" John is sought after by Art Societies and private organisers for demonstrations. John has been awarded over 30 first prizes throughout his career. He is a respected Art Show Judge and is a former President and Life Member of the Drummoyne Art Society and Fellow of the Royal Art Society of NSW. He was the Inaugural President of the Combined Art Societies of Sydney and also featured in the Australian Artist Magazine.
Kerwayne Berry - Untitled 3 Kerwayne H. Berry

Although Kerwayne has come into art fairly recently she has been in the creative field for many years through her work as an interior designer. Having travelled extensively and lived most of her life outside her Canada, she now resides permanently in Sydney. Born in Montreal, Canada to parents that encouraged “ individuality and independence, she moved to Sydney in the early 80’s only to relocate in 1990 to Asia. She opened her own interior design firm in Singapore in 1993, which is now well established and known for its creativity and exceptional design approach throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Kerwayne returned to Australia in 2000 to establish her studio in Sydney to fulfil her passion to become a fulltime artist. Kerwayne has completed her Diploma at the Sydney Gallery where she was able to find mediums to express herself beyond the boundaries of design schemes and restrictions of the built environment. Kerwaynes’ art is irrevocably connected to nature, from the glacial core of Canada, the boulders of Arizona, the poppy fields of Tuscany to Lady Macquarie’s Chair on Sydney harbour foreshores. Through the use of colour, exciting textures and the expressive energy in her work she opens herself to the viewer to share in the emotions of the moment encouraging us to reconnect with nature and the elements. While her watercolours can be seen as impressionistic, almost romantic, her etchings and collages are dynamic and more abstract. The crossing of styles keeps her images fresh showing the viewer the different aspects of her creative abilities. Observing her development over the years, one would see her art as becoming a metaphor for the experiences of opening and expanding her consciousness bringing her to a new level of creative development. Having exhibited in The Drummoyne Art Society Exhibitions in 2003 & 2005 her work has won “Highly Commended “ and “Very Highly Commended “. Kerwayne is currently developing a series of mixed media works.
Erika Beck - Central Austrlia ERIKA BECK

A LAND OF PROFOUND SILENCE, GREAT LIGHT AND MAGNIFICENT COLOUR. The inspiration for my current work flows directly from the impressions gained whilst painting and travelling in Australia, most recently to Fraser Island near the Queensland coast, where the air is clear and the sky and the sea shine. A stark contrast to my previous visits to Central and Northern Australia, Uluru and the East Kimberley, where one can experience a land of profound silence, great light and magnificent colour. Water holds a special fascination for me, on the coast, in billabongs, in the gorges of Central Australia and of course on Sydney Harbour. Light and water create images of beauty and energy.
Yvonne Langshaw

Sydney born, Yvonne attended Fort Street Girls’ High School from which she matriculated with A level in Art. She has studied at The National Art School, East Sydney and at Chatswood Evening College. Since 1980, Yvonne has exhibited in solo and group shows; her major solo exhibitions being North Sydney Contemporary Gallery, 1990; Ku-ring-gai Art Centre, 1994, 1996 and 1999; The Private Gallery, 1997, Nowra Galleries, 2001, and Group Exhibitions at Soho Galleries 2004,Taylor Galleries 2004, 2005, Lavender Bay Gallery 2000 and 2004.
Yvonne has taught at the Willandra Art Centre, 1986-90; Forest Community Art Centre, 1991-2 and at Ku-ring-gai Art Centre at Roseville for 10 years. She is well known for her talks, demonstrations and workshops to community art groups.
Yvonne is a Fellow of the Royal Art Society of NSW, is currently a Councilor and a Vice President.
She has had works published in “Australian Artist,” “Oz Arts” and “Artist’s Palette” magazines. She is listed in Max Germain Dictionary of Women Artists, 1992.
Yvonne has works in public and private collections in Australia and overseas, including the Ku-ring-gai Council and Public Trustee of New South Wales, and has won over 70 First prizes in competitions since 1968. In 1997, the Combined Art Societies of Sydney awarded her Artist of the Year.
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