It’s true that creative inspiration can be found all around us – it’s everywhere. But sometimes, you need to shake up your creative routine and actively seek artistic inspiration. What better place to get imaginative and re-energise your creativity than surrounding yourself by works of art.

Art galleries are great places to find creative inspiration. However, you may find yourself so overwhelmed with inspiration that it might be hard to know exactly how to use all the great ideas you soak in. Being surrounded by creative forces can be overstimulating, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of ways you can find creative inspiration in art galleries and museums that you can use in all your creative practices.

Start by setting aside a few hours or an entire afternoon, depending on the size of the exhibit you plan to see. Practice slowing down your pace as you walk into the gallery or museum to set the tone. From the moment you enter the exhibit, begin soaking in the experience even before you approach the first piece of art. Notice the flow of energy in the room and how the exhibit is carefully laid out. Take your time as you’re viewing each piece of art – don’t rush yourself. Even if you feel a certain piece isn’t resonating with you, give it a little extra time. Linger around the pieces you like best, and before you move from one piece to another, pause and try taking in a full deep breath.

Viewing art can be a meditative experience. As you really immerse yourself in the gallery or museum, allow the outside world and any extraneous thoughts to float away. Enjoy the serene environment as an escape from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. Allowing your mind to quiet will help you find those bursts of creative inspiration.